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Discover Bièvres in a few words

A quiet little place…
Located on the road N118, Bièvres is only a few minutes away from Paris by car.
The RER C rail line takes you direct by Versailles as well.
Nevertheless, Bièvres remains a charming village nested at the crossing of the river Sygrie and the River Bièvre (Bièvres means Beaver in Celtic and the animal appears on the official coat of arms of the town) which gave its name to the town.
What characterizes Bièvres is a high participation of its inhabitants to the village’s life. Its counts over 50 associations, with a population of only 5112 inhabitants. To preserve its identity, they committed to a Charte du Bon Citoyen and reveal an overcoming participative lifesway, proposing numerous events all the year long.

… however with a worldwide reputation !
Well known for its post-card exchange and traditional tools markets as well as for its strawberries festival with the annual election of the queen of strawberries, Bièvres is also famous all over the world for its international photographs fair which takes place every first weekend of June.
The village hosts the worldwide famous French photographs museum. It was founded in 1949 and reflects the passion of two brothers for the French photograph Nicéphore Niepce who invented the photographical process in 1816.
The museum has now reached a department level, owning over 450.000 historical pieces signed by the most famous photographs since Daguerre. A new modern and spacious place near the center of Bièvres has been designed to fit the future museum in the traditional architecture of the village (cf. website museum).
Another cultural interest is the Moulin de Vauboyen, nesting a modern art gallery in a dream bucholical place. 3 centuries ago, monks settled here coming from the abbaye of Saint Germain des Prés to grind corn and plant lettuce. Another romantic sight is Château des Roches, where Victor Hugo spent a lot of time.

Bièvres is also proud of its Musée de l’Outil which contains a collection of over 35.000 ancient tools.
But in no way is this a reason for Bièvres to stick to the past : the settlement of new offices area Bureauspace, as well as the French R.A.I.D and the Poilâne bakery participate in the economic development of the town.

Bièvres has been twinned with Palestrina, province of Rome, since 2007.

More about Bièvres :
Post code : 91570
Population : 4 609 (1er janvier 2017)
Inhabitants named : Biévroises and Biévrois
Altitude : from 68 to 178 m
Superficy of : 989 hres from which 295 are classificated woods and an agricultural surface of 230 hres.
Rivers : La Bièvre et la Sygrie

Administration :

Mayor : Anne Pelletier-Le Barbier
Community of district Versailles Grand Parc (President : François de Mazières).
Deputy of the 5th circonscription of Essonne : Maud Olivier
Regional Councilor of Ile-de-France of the canton of Gif-sur-Yvette : Jean-François Vigier
Senators of the Essonne : Claire-Lise Campion - Serge Dassault - Michel Berson - Vincent Delahaye - Bernard Véra

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